For women b erl cosmetics keep hair health is one of the treatments are also important done. This is because the hair is the Crown of the women where health and beauty is a very noticed by most women. Moreover, coupled with the hair texture which is basically easy damaged because every day are exposed to chemicals and pollution of the environment, hence the need for special treatment of one of them is Detox hair.

Yes, it turns out that not only destined for Detox body Detox, hair turns out to be one of the alternatives for removing toxins from the hair and menggantinnya with nutrients that nourish. Here are some ways hair Detox naturally suggested by some experts that you can do yourself at home:

Select a suitable shampoo in accordance with the type and condition of the hair

Detox hair can get you started with how to choose the right shampoo. Please choose a shampoo containing selenium sulfide, or zinc pyrithione salisiat acid which can help peel off dead skin cells on the head. Wear a chicken egg

As we know the content of protein and amino acids in chicken eggs are indeed a great many benefits, one of which was as a way to maintain the health of the hair. How to make use of eggs as a hair Detox is by way of mixing 1 egg into a container that contains shampoo. Once blended, then apply and massage into the hair strands. rinse with warm water after 15 minutes. Olive oil