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The American motto has become: “I don't need to care about how my actions affect others.”

It is exceedingly rare for someone to accept even a slight inconvenience to benefit others around them.

I think this is a conscious & deliberate thought. When you try to hold someone accountable for their impact, they behave as though it's absurd that they should be even slightly inconvenienced.

We've become despicable.

At some point in the food-is-an-artform movement, everyone decided that there is an absolutely right way and a wrong way to do everything, including cooking eggs. Well, screw y'all. I prefer my scrambled eggs more rubbery than fluffy, and I don't give a yolk what Jacques Pépin thinks is the “right” way to cook an omelet.

You should just cook your damn eggs however you want.

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Everything is math

What if you took fewer photos? What would actually change about your life experiences?

Ignore comment sections

Do not interact with strangers online

Communicate less

Wave at cows

Take fewer photos