Curry from scratch! 🍛

1 block makes about 3 portions.

Cut into bite sized pieces, nothing too big or small, you might need to adjust cooking times of veg based on density and size.

Needed: Half an onion 1 potato 1 carrot

Optional: Celery is great Hearty veg like kale, broccoli, daikon, etc Protein: sauteed meat, tempeh, seitan, or tofu Lentils or some beans are super nontraditional but work fine Frozen veg is great, and generally I throw all the old produce in my fridge in.

(-1. Cook protein and set aside) 0. Slowly brown onions, the longer and slower the more flavor but it's up to you 1. Add potatoes, brown for a bit (2-5 minutes), add then add carrots (and other hearty veg). 2. Add protein and lighter veg (celery, greens, etc). 3. Once stuff has softened and gotten a bit of color, add about 3 cups of water/dashi/stock (this will need adjusting based on your veg and how soupy you want it at the end). Bring to a boil and let simmer for 10 minutes. Now is a good time to through in the frozen veg too. 4. Add curry block(s) whole and stir every couple of minutes. Make sure these completely dissolve, you don't want a mouth full of roux :P Let it simmer once it is all dissolved for 5-10 minutes. (5. Adjust water to get a viscosity that you like, I aim for a thick chowder like texture, lighter than cream of wheat. Also test for salt here, the blocks have some salt but it will need more!)

Serve alongside white rice 🍛 and a small portion of pickled ginger or something sharp and acidic. Enjoy!