ElementaryOS – Browsing around

So, out of boredom one day, I decided to try elementaryOS. Here are my thunks.


Elementary Installer Good old Ubiquity. Not fancy, but does the job well. Keyboard Layout Selection Updates and other software Installation type

The Destkop

Desktop ElementaryOS starts up to a desktop showing off the wallpaper, the top panel, and the dock. The wallpaper is similar to macOS's “Antelope Canyon.” Of course, the desktop doesn't make the distro, the apps do.

The Apps


Mail It's okay, I guess? User interface isn't particularly well organized and the top bar feels messy.


Terminal This is all the customization you get. 0/10 needs something other than Solarized variants.

Unsplash Browser

Unsplash Browser I forgot what this application was called, but it's kinda neat I guess? Lets you browse Unsplash, albeit the interface stands out from the other AppCenter curated apps.

Applets and AppCenter

Applets and AppCenter AppCenter is pretty neat. It looks pretty decent, the curation is nice, and it's respectable. The applets are kinda neat. Only issue with them is that there doesn't seem to be an easy way to get to your open applets besides mashing the minimize keycombo.

Other Things

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts This key listing looks pretty nice. It's odd seeing this pop up when you hit Super (Win key) instead of an app launcher, but it's convenient.

General Thoughts

elementaryOS is overall pretty neat, but visually inconsistent and some of the apps are eh. Even so, the maturity of the app ecosystem for elementaryOS-specific apps is well beyond that of apps specific to other desktop Linux platforms.