jan Ponitajosiki's adventures in stuff


I've recently started work on an app called Taigo (ilo Tajiko). It's basically Tamagotchi, but GNOME-ified and on your dekstop. Among its features are an extreme aversion to theming. So strong, that I had to remove some of its aversion as it got in the way of me developing it. I may re-add the removed blocks if I feel like it. In particular, I really like the icon that I made w/ the help of LCP. (jan Jesepi)

openSUSE Welcome

So like, I've been working on openSUSE Welcome some. Mostly in the Xfce area, as a quick customisation screen is in the process of being added. Some language-specific social medias have been added as well.

Fluent Stylesheet for GTK (win32, updated)

This WIP stylesheet is what I'm working on when I have nothing else to do. It has one goal: Replace gtk's current win32 stylesheet as the stylesheet of choice for GTK apps running on Windows. As its name implies, it's modeled after Fluent design.

kulupu Linu

The Linux discord nobody asked for! :D Basically your run-of-the-mill Linux discord, but since I can't get any active members, I've been using it as my testing place.

Link for the (probably not) interested.

Pali Pona

This project is where I'm stashing all of my Toki Pona apps. It's currently home to lon (weather) and ilo pona (dictionary).

My to-do list:

Here are some things I'll (probably) work on: