Meet the Linux Cafe Bots


Cafétera looks like a single bot from a first glance, but in reality, it's actually multiple bots.

The reason why we use multiple bots instead of a single bot is because one bot cannot be the best at everything. The saying goes: “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

So, here are the bots bringing work to you in the background.

Unnamed Bot

This bot provides most of the Linux Cafe-specific functionality. They'll run bash commands, search distro packages, manage profiles and screenshots, and some other things. You can find their source at linux-cafe/unnamed-bot on GitHub.


Red, they're a pretty cool bot. They have a very extensible system, but the only extension they have active is one to provide swingin' tunes in the nightclub. Their source is at Cog-Creators/Red-DiscordBot on GitHub.


Discord.RSS is a busybee. They don't look up from their job of sifting through hundreds of RSS posts a day (mostly Arch Linux package updates). They keep on posting. You'll find their source here at synzen/Discord.RSS on GitHub.


YAGPDB loves helping the moderation team. It's all they really do. They'll keep the modlog working to keep that transparency at 100%. They also offer rolemenus, but that's super trivial for them compared to their job of moderation. Their source is at jonas747/yagpdb on GitHub.

Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage spends most of her time carrying messages between different services. She allows people to communicate on a fully free platform with a community backed by fully free bots. She's an instance of 42wim/matterbridge on GitHub.

Why These Bots?

These bots are 100% open source. And 100% means 100%. They also did whatever job they were supposed to the best.

Why Not These Bots?