The Uphill Battle of a New Discord Server

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Toki! \o

There are two types of Discord servers: those with less than 100 members, and those with 100 or more members.

As you near 100 members, things change – enough people are in your server to where you no longer have to actively go out of your way to advertise to get the server to grow. Your issues will change from those related to too few people to those related to too many people.

Pre-100 Preparations

There are some things you absolutely need before hitting 100 people:

Getting past 100 members

The Ideal Method

Ideally, you would have an existing community of people that were looking for something unfulfilled by existing servers. If you have that community of people, you should do the following things:

The From Scratch Method

If you don't know anyone interested in what server you're doing, you face a different set of arguably harder challenges than a server with a preexisting community.

After 100

Don't be afraid to celebrate hitting 100 people- you made the most critical milestone of a server, and you should be proud of it.

I would explain what to do after 100 people, but that's outside the scope of this blog post. Mi tawa! \o