Transparency for Dummies

Transparency helps allow a Discord guild to gain trust with everyone.



Transparency shows the history of your guild's leadership and allows users to see what they're dealing with.


Transparency allows users to become more comfortable about sharing useful criticism.


Moderation Actions

Transparency helps users become more aware of what will and what won't get them in trouble.


Transparency provides timely feedback about the state of the guild.


Moderation Logs

These should offer feedback to users about current moderation actions. Deleted messages, nickname changes, etc. are not moderation actions and should not be logged in a moderation log.

Audit Logs

Make these public. There's no reason not to. They were created for the sole purpose of being public. They can't be spoofed.

Community Involvement

The community should be able to see the brains of the server. Ask yourself what good reason is there to hide leadership discussion from the community. Controversial decisions they won't like? Just kicking the can down til later. Boring? So is the modlog. Whatever reason you have, it's probably invalid.

You should poll the community's thoughts on the server from time to time. Member counts are useless, retention and opinion are useful.