To Nanak

Here is my conversation with Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism. I have a lot of questions which I would have asked Guru Nanak if he was alive today. So here is my list, starting with, are you an atheist?

Are you an atheist? Okay, maybe you are not because you believe in some form of superpower which created everything. And that’s what we think, because you composed a hymn, known as Japji, which means that there is one god, who is all-powerful, all knowing and omnipresent, a creator who is without fear and hate.*

From this, it is very clear that you believe in some form of God.

By the way, there is a new religion called Sikhism. It is currently the worlds 5th largest organized religion. And the followers of that religion consider you as the founder of Sikhism.

How do you feel about that? Did you want to start a new religion?

Coming back to your belief in God, there are several gods in our world, so in which God do you believe in?

You said that there is only one God but according to me there are two kinds of god. One is the real God, responsible for the Big Bang and creating this universe. And the second is a human made God. We made it for our own convenience.

The real God is not real, it is the forces of nature responsible for the creation of the entire universe, and the human made God is fake.

I think you are an atheist or at least an agnostic. A person as intelligent as you can not believe in God.

You also clearly denounced religion. You said the following and I qoute, “Nai Koi Hindu, na Musalman” I couldn’t agree more, this is one of my favourite quote. It underlines the human aspect of Being Human. We are all the same no need to divide humanity with religion.

So it is safe to assume that you are non-religious.

Then, why do people consider a non-religious man to be a founder of a religion? If you were alive today, you would have definitely said that, “Nai Koi Hindu, na Musalman, na Sikh.”

You are one of the greatest reformers in the history of humankind, you stood against superstition, nonsense religious practices, casteism, discrimination, etc.

And advocating this is extremely difficult if you are surrounded by ignorant people. And that's why I think you used the God language, a language which the people can understand.

However, today people are still superstitious, they still indulge in nonsense religious practices, our societies are filled with examples of caste based discrimination.

Perhaps we need you again in the 21st century. But be careful this time, last time you ended up creating a new religion, I don’t think we need another religion which will divide us even further, right? Says the guy who wants to start his own religion, that's quite ironic.

But if you were alive today. Will you accept Sikhism as your creation? Will you take responsibility for it?

And if give a chance what change you would like to bring in the practices of Sikhism and in the present day world?

*The explanation of Japji here is incomplete.