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Hello and welcome to my blog 😃

Okay, so as the title says this is meant to be a brand new start, I’ve had blogs before, on various platforms, but now I am well and truly settled here on the Fediverse I’m only going to have this one, here on Write.as.

I don’t think it will get very regular use, just now and again when I feel like writing something, it’s a bit like a condom, I’d rather have one and not need it than need one but not have it, or something like that (yes in this case my blog is a condom 🙄 !!!).

It will sit quietly along side my “Mastodon” which is my main home online (@PopsPics@mastodon.social">@PopsPics@mastodon.social) and simply be here if I need it, like the condom 😁…

All my links can be found here —> https://beacons.ai/passive_voyeur

I have a few interests, photography, art and tropical fish keeping for instance, I watch a lot of TV and movies, I listen to music, I love sport (watching, I’m not able to take part), and of course sometimes I’ll just want to rant or ramble about something that’s piqued my interest, it could be anything. But don’t expect me to be a regular ardent blogger because I probably wont be, it’ll be more of an occasional blog.

That’s it, just a little welcome post, just to get things started and so there’ll be something here if anyone takes a peek 😳, so for now be well, be safe, be happy, byeee 😊💕


Hobby Photographer, kind of a bad Artist and also a Passive Voyeur of all things dark, sexual, sensual and just downright naughty...

Boring old fart

I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it. ~Edgar Allan Poe

My Links – https://beacons.ai/passive_voyeur

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