Introducing Dhymn (Djent + Hymns)

The idea I mentioned yesterday is an experiment in merging two radically different, perhaps even diametrically opposed music genres: Djent and Hymns.

Djent is a subgenre of progressive metal known for distorted staccato palm-muted guitar riffs. Djent may or may not include screaming and growling, low-tuned guitars and blistering high-pitched solos, but it's sure to have beats that punctuate the guitar's chugs and riffs.

Hymns are religious songs. They are written for the purpose of praise and worship to God the Father and God the Son. Hymns may or may not include choirs or instrumental accompaniment.

My experiment is to combine some characteristics of Djent to sacred hymns played on a keyboard/piano. I call this new music genre Dhymn (sounds like dim). Because I'm only beginning to learn piano and music notation, my arrangement (first one ever) will be a simple hymn.

As for learning So What by Miles Davis and mastering the blues scale, it's on hold. Getting a proof of concept for Dhymn is my top priority now. And you, dear reader, will be first to hear it when it's finished.

Meditation Time meditating today: 12 Quality of meditation (out of 10): 3

Practice Minutes on the keyboard today (out of 40): 0 minutes Quality of practice (out of 10): 0

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