Two Things to Work On

Picking away at more of So What. The intro is memorized now, but it's not smooth. My playing lacks expressiveness. It sounds ridgid, like speaking foreign dialogue without an accent. I need to work on getting different sounds from the same note, but that will be later.

As I study the sheet music, I notice the melody starts from D (minor, a friend told me) and rises to E flat (minor, said the same friend). I assumed the transition was an octave higher but it's merely a half note! Kind of embarrassing to even admit. Training my ear is another thing I need to work on.

Also, practicing scales across octaves is a killjoy for me. This is the second day I haven't bothered with it. In a timely video by Jens Larsen, he recommends minimizing non-musical practice and integrating arpeggios into the piece your working on instead. I love this idea. It's something I can stick to.

I'll probably put scales aside for the time-being and focus on So What, eventually fleshing it out with some improvisation.

Time bookstanding today: 40 minutes Quality of meditation (out of 10): 5

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