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This book is a collection of poems if you're not aware of that. I finished reading it today and the healing chapter is my favorite out of the 4 chapters. It touched my soul.

If you're ever wondering whether or not to purchase this book YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

I've been into poetry lately and I know people rave about Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. I got my copy of it today. This year I want to set a goal for myself. I want to come out with a book this year. It's been a dream of mine to publish a book and I'm going to do it!

Just sprinkling some positive vibes on the timeline for ya. (:

Putting this out there in the Universe.

I will become rich one way or another. I will achieve my goals. I am going to earn a lot of money. I have fun making money.

It's new to me. This episode is about this monster that ate a jellyfish, oozed out an mindless clone and started to make the population just like it.

I love those conspiracy theories because it makes you think. Some I do believe in so here are my theories as to why they added this in.

1) Normalizing cloning: Everyone has suspicions and proof that celebrities have been cloned. In the episode Spongebob and Sandy are the only ones who noticed something was wrong. What alarmed Spongebob was when Patrick's clone replaced him at work.

That's what's going to happen one day. One day the government will be overthrown by people with power and are trained to do anything the mind control masters program them to do. They'll just come in, tell us the government has been overthrown and force us to obey or they'll kill us. In the episode a normal customer ordered a burger with mayo. The clones started to gather around them and started to make them feel something is wrong with them for wanting that. This is what is going to happen because we're not aware of what's really happening. The way the customer in the show was treated is how conspiracy theorists are always treated.

2) They're blending in with us: Maybe not all of us believe such things as aliens but majority of us know about reptilians, AI, and aliens. I feel the government's technology is way more advanced than we think it is. Why wouldn't they share it? I believe it's because they want to control us. What better to test AI than to have them roaming among us and see if we notice them? In the show they offer the cloned jellyfish to people as a free gift.

3) There are so many codes so what does mayo mean? Just like pizzagate and their lingo. I believe mayo stands for something we haven't uncovered yet.

It was strange seeing the episode and knowing that someone or a group had to watch it to approve it. The fact that it's approved for children makes me believe they are grooming the younger generation for something darker.

In my last post I was talking about how depressed I was and last night changed all of that.

From how he greeted me I can tell he was more comfortable with me and is happy to see me. We both had a great conversation. He just needed some time to get to know me and come out of his shell. I learned that we have similar taste in humor.

Since I moved in I brought it upon myself to find a third roommate so neither of us would have to pay more than what we were already paying. Out of all the candidates I found one match! I know it will all work out.

I actually like reading your posts. It's interesting to see what really goes on behind closed doors. Don't listen to the haters that tell you to stop complaining! It's probably someone at Younique.

I saw a note on the table today from the landlord saying that there's only one name on lease. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I know for a fact the lease is still on the table. For some reason I thought the landlord came by, saw it, and left it there so we could find another roommate. The last time I texted they never said anything about not having my name on the lease. All I got was a welcome text. On Sunday night I mailed my check in to the address on the lease. They said they haven't gotten it yet. Maybe it'll come in tomorrow. Not sure.

Besides that I'm kind of sad. I was hoping my roomie would be more social and open to talk but he's so reserved. I'm not sure if it's because he's shy or anti social. Whatever the reason I feel depressed not being able to have a full conversation. Maybe he thinks I'm annoying because he walks away a lot. Probably thinks I'm more annoying now that the landlord said they're going to call him about the lease.

Besides that I've been putting an ad online for a third roomie. So far the applicants are colorful. By that I mean there were many walks of life that messaged me. We haven't found the one yet.

For a long time I looked forward to living on my own, excited to see what's out there, and not be bothered by anyone. Today I moved into my new apartment. I had spent so much money but in the end I feel at home.

The sad part about all of this is I can never go back to living how I use to. I always understood the concept of money but now I have to figure it out for myself. Also it's like saying good bye. Right now I'm not trying to focus on the negatives.

The positives about all of this is I get to make new friends, experience what's out there, not be concerned about commuting to school, and not hear any nagging.

I hope I do make more friends soon. What's making me nervous is that I might not have a job for this month. I have an interview in a few days. Hope it goes well!

Ever since Rihanna released a new highlighter I've been seeing tons of brands coming out with the same shade.

Rihanna released a silver highlighter with a new packaging for a collab. The packaging is beautiful. After looking at the shade I can tell it's not going to look good on my skin tone. It's too dark for me and I never wear silver eyeshadow.

The silver shsde is definitely going to look amazing on people with darker skin tone. It's pretty cool to see how Rihanna created a trend out of this. You know it's a trend when Wet n Wild is trying to capitalize on it. Yes, Wet n Wild does have a silver highlighter called Diamond Lily if you were wondering.

Woohoo! I took my first exam and I got 100% ! I am so proud of myself. If I keep this up they will be calling my name during graduation with honors or high honors.

Today marks a great day! I found a penny on the ground with the head facing up, hung out with my friends, bought some stuff to decorate my new room, also I got a job offer from a place I thought I wouldn't have! Hopefully the interview goes well and I hope I get the job. Positive things are happening and everything is falling into place. This path is definitely the right one. It's just meant to be.