Positive Thoughts

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I pray every day and I know God blesses me every day. (This post is to encourage you to think more positively and maybe help you find a religion. If you accept Jesus in your life it would be even better but up to you.) “Even the angels in heaven rejoice when you've found Jesus.” Not sure the exact quote but it's something along those lines.

Yesterday I had to do a CMRS. That is a dental radiography of a full mouth series. The lowest you can score is an 80%. We get randomly assigned an operatory and a dummy (with real skull and teeth preserved) to work on. Everyone draws one and I draw mine. Room 7.. When I looked at the dummy I thought it was the hardest one to work on and shouted “I knew it!”

My classmates informs me that I got the easiest dummy. (We were able to practice then take the exam when we're ready with 1 hour to complete it.) I prayed and the Lord answers all my prayers. Big or small. Nothing is too much or too hard for Him.

I always feel blessed and I try to share my testimonies because I want to share the wealth too. I guess another thing that people do is think it's not possible and is like “I'll give it a shot.” With doubt in the back of their mind.

Just trust in the Lord and all will be fine. Everything works out for a reason.

I went to another TJ Max today. I'm really happy with everything I purchased! A butterscotch theme (colored) romper, 2 or 3 in black heels, a Calvin Klein trench coat, and a fluffy outer jacket. Everything is beautiful, comfortable, and I felt like a rich woman!

I'm definitely one of those people who wear bummy clothes yet have money. Was never really into fashion and wore black and white themed outfits all the time. As I'm getting older I'd like to have better outfits that show I'm more mature. The perfume that helped me achieve the Rich Woman look is Victoria's Secret “Rapture” perfume!

It's a sophisticated scent that makes me feel mature, sexy, and living a luxurious lifestyle. I got mine during the semi annual sale for $14-$15 and I can't wait to get them again!

So my housemate on the 2nd floor parks like an asshole all summer. Now she can't because people have told her to move the fuck over. I spoke to her before and she didn't do anything. Yesterday I couldn't find parking anywhere on the street last night so I parked in the driveway. i saw a blue car out on the street so I thought she got a permit pass. Anyway, she better learn her lesson if not I'll make you learn it again.


#Midterms Approaching Just wanted to sprinkle some good news on the time line. I'm proud of myself and happy with my grades! Midterms is next week. Since the beginning of the class I've had a quiz or some sort of exam everyday. My lowest grade is 80 and I couldn't be happier! The late nights were worth it.

On top of that I've been spoiled by God. He has blessed me so much! I've been given money and food literally everywhere I go. I would find money on the ground and free food offered to me. I have no idea how it can get better than this!

Besides that my cousin and i reconnected. There were many rumors I've debunked. Life is good and I hope you guy are doing well too.

I rarely do this but I don't feel safe. Someone living on the 2nd or 3rd floor kept banging something all night. I have no idea where the noise is coming from. I end up calling the cops because it sounds like a fight, someone moving stuff, hitting a wall or something physical because my whole floor was vibrating beneath me.

Someone is lying and I have no idea what's going on. The cops scoped it out and all of a sudden no one knows anything but the people on the first floor said they heard banging all throughout the night too. As of right now no one knows where the noise is coming from. I know for sure someone is hiding something.

I feel no matter what I do people around me imply “that profession isn't worth anything.” It hurts to know people think you're wasting your time on something that doesn't matter to them. I feel no matter what I do people don't respect me.

I wanted to go into detail about it. Then again it's probably stupid.

Today is my first full week of dental classes for the semester. I can see why people think it's challenging. I'm not a fast reader but that's all I've been doing since I started my first day. A lot of it is safety and I felt I've learned it before. I still read it to make sure that if I got quizzed on it I would know what they're talking about. Everyone has their own definition for something.

Anyway, so far it's not too bad. I've been feeling motivated to study more not because I paid for it out of pocket but I want to be the best hygienist I can be. You can do that if you learn everything you can. I'm glad I have a new job started because these hidden fees for my program is starting to add up. They tried to make it seem like the loupes are free but it's already included in your tuition.. Anyway just thought I'd update you a little. Gotta get back to reading!

What's more annoying than waking up early is waking up to see the truck not take your trash because an animal raided it!

I'm trying to avoid waking up at 5 or 6 am on Fridays since that's the only day I don't have classes. I've been trying to leave the trash out later like around 11 or midnight but by the morning the trash is all over the place.

My dreams are coming true and I am ready to receive all of my blessings! I discovered my school recently decided to do a white coat and pinning ceremony for my program. There will 3 ceremonies (third one is graduation) I'll be experiencing that I've always wanted to experience and it's happening. I am feeling like I'm on cloud 9 right now.

How does it get better than that?

Overall today is a good day. I was sweating so much today. In class we got to introduce ourselves to our classmates, we got our instruments/ other tools, a tour of the dental clinic and lockers. I was the last to get the books for this semester and it was as much as my rent. 😭 Besides that I'm excited about everything. This month is going to be very busy for me. Well year I should say.