Positive Thoughts

A girl with some dreams.

This week I have a break from school. I felt I didn't do much because I had to work. Today I spent it working, doing hw, then reading a book to get out of my reality.

What made me depressed is that I'm not going where I want to be. I know I'm in school and I like what I'm learning. I also have other goals besides becoming a nurse. Some inspiration came to me and it got me thinking as to why I stopped writing. The demanding job and school is why. I wish I knew what I wanted to do with my life earlier to start working on my dreams.

I guess I started to this week. I signed myself up for a gym membership. There's a lot I want to do with my life but I feel my motivation draining from not having enough time to create anything. For anyone wondering when I can make time: I work at 8 am, have school until 10:30 pm, after studying and getting ready to sleep it's already 1 or 2 am. The soul sucking cycle repeats.

When things get hard I tell myself, “What's the fun in already having it?”

Today I feel something bad will happen. I walked into work and found a penny, tail up, on the ground. Not long after I went into the break room to find an open umbrella on the ground.

Besides that I'm pretty spiritual I guess. Like if someone has bad energy or bad intentions I usually know through dreams. A few weeks ago I had a horrible nightmare before my Mom started to call me. She called multiple times but each time I was busy so I didn't pick up. I found that my grandma on my mom's side wanted to give me $100. I don't want to accept it because I feel there are bad intentions and energy in the money they're trying to give me.

I guess I'll update you guys if anything happens to me.

I noticed that my makeup will transfer onto my cheek. So far everytime I've been using this gel eyeliner from Colourpop. Maybe it's from my glasses but it transfer under my eyes and onto my cheeks. Idk why it happens or how to prevent it.

Is this happening to anyone else?

I wanted to share the flavors I like the most and definitely recommend anyone to try. The closer it is to the top the more I like it. The ones toward the bottom is one I don't like.

These are all from the Lipton brand.

1) Lemon ginseng green tea – it doesn't taste herbal at all, smells good, and doesn't taste like anything to me.

2) Purple acai blueberry green tea – doesn't taste completely fruity which I like, smells good, tastes good.

3) Cranberry pomegranate green tea – smells and tastes sour (makes me feel it's burning the fat) and it smells good. I don't mind the taste. It reminds me of biting into a grapefruit.

4) Orange passionfruit jasmine green tea – smells and tastes good. It's #4 only because I've had this many times in the past.

5) Magnificent matcha green tea mint – smells and tastes herbal. I hate herbal teas. If I'm sick then I don't mind it. For everyday herbal teas are not my thing. The smell makes me nauseous. If you drink it cold it's more tolerable and the scent is not that strong.

All of these were fairly cheap. Almost $3 per box with 20 bags in them. It'll last a while.

Just wanted to do a review on this since there's not many people talking about her products. Before I bought this product I knew it was mostly going to be vitamin C because that's what helps you build your immunity. I'm only taking this vitamin during the winter and it is working great! Everyone is getting sick and I'm still healthy.

Another thing I like about this product and what justified the $45 tag, for me at least, is that this product has a blend of probiotics in it! Probiotics are already expensive costing around $20 for not even 30 capsules. The ones you find at any retail store aren't that great. I had a pharmacist look at the Gut Instinct supplement from HUM and was told that's better than Cultrelle or any that they sell.

The key is to find probiotics that have more than just 2 or 3 cultures of bacteria. They try to sell you a high count of cultures but look at the names of the bacteria. Not all do the same thing!

I bought this earlier this month and have been trying it out. It's definitely a staple for me! Before I heard of Dr.Jess my physician told me my thyroid is enlarged. They wanted me to do further testing and I didn't want to at the time. Plus I would have to pay about $200 because my insurance didn't cover it. Another doctor did tell me they felt my thyroid was enlarged.

I don't take medications unless I really have to. Before this year I never took vitamins. After using the Thyroid Master for a few weeks now, I decided to skip one night. I was exhausted and didn't feel like taking it. Didn't think anything of it. When I woke up I felt drained even though I got 8 hours of sleep! I tried to go back to sleep and couldn't.

That's how I know this vitamin is doing something for me. It's pretty expensive but if you bought everything and blend it yourself, it would cost the same. It's definitely worth a try! If you end up loving it you can get her subscription service. Dr.Jess also sells cosmetics!


Tag her in your photos of her products. She'll repost it into her instagram story!

I've tried this vitamin once and it's enough for me to not try it again. It's suppose to make your stomach look flat by getting rid of bloating. It did the exact opposite for me! It made me starving and I tried to not eat everything. I felt disgusting and fatter than when I started my diet.

Hum seems like a cute brand. Right now I can't be part of their subscription service. Financially it's not doable for me now. Cancelling their monthly plan was easy and painless. For those who want to buy something from them, as long as you choose the monthly plan, you can cancel at any time! You have to cancel before they ship out your next box.

Where I am there's a snow storm about to happen this weekend. In my area I'm suppose to see some snow tonight. Either way my energy is so good right now I don't even care! Nursing school starts in 3 days for me and I couldn't be happier. I'm beyond excited and ready for this. The best decision I made is choosing to get myself a career for 2019-2020!

Putting all that good energy out there.

My friend recently got engaged and I'm happy for her. I feel it's never going to happen to me and it's bringing my mood down a lot. I feel I'm in a relationship that's not going anywhere. Here I am still staying cause of the “maybe” there's a chance I might get proposed to. Our 4th year anniversary is coming up this May. I'm not excited about it. It's starting to feel like a date I'm suppose to remember.

Idk what to do. I used to feel sure that the person I'm with is the one.

I don't own a scale but lately I feel lighter. The past week I've been good about my diet. Drinking green tea for almost every meal or anytime I want to drink water. I've been eating less junk foods and limiting the amount that I eat. Besides that I've been listening to binural beats for weight loss and it works!

I'm open minded to things like that. Of course people would be skeptical when they're told they can lose weight by listening to music. It's not any music, it's the frequency that it's at. Everything is energy, anything that moves or casts any vibrations has a frequency. Maybe there's a frequency at which these music are playing at that matches the one that burns fat. Idk but after listening to it I feel something happening. It works for me so I'm going to keep doing it.

So far I can tell from my face, my belly, and how loose my clothes are getting that something is working.