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I have many ex best friends but I wanted to share one of the stories. I'd like to hear what you think of this.

We work at the same place and that's how we became close. At the time I was new and my supervisor, Kayden, was suppose to train me. He was mean to me. Made me feel like I was annoying and bothering him when he knew I didn't have any experience. I got the swing of it quickly and thankful for the people who helped me.

I even drove and worked in other stores to be trained so I can learn quicker. By the end of the month I didn't have to be told what to do nor did I have any questions.

That same day we talked during lunch and we clicked. I thought he was hilarious and he was happy to have made a new friend.

Anyway, the more we talked the more we hung out to the point everyone thought we were together. The regular customers thought there was chemistry between us. I did like him more than a friend but he didn't. He loved having me around and I felt we helped each other out like best friends would. We stayed friends for 2 years.

It all changed when Kayden started to date Jen. I've met Jen once. Kayden's boss sent me to help out another store and that's the only reason why I know her. She's the type of person who is angry all the time. The only time she calmed down was when you ask her questions about her life.

They've been dating for over a year probably and since they dated we haven't talked. Our work schedules didn't sync up anymore. There's another reason why we stopped talking but I don't want to get into that right now.

I feel I was always nice to Kayden. Been a friend when he needed me. Once in a blue moon we'll work together and every time he's extremely rude to me. The kind of rude where the other person is insulting you. He'll ask what's new in my life and when I tell him anything positive he's not happy for me like he used to.

On top of telling him the positives I would tell him my decisions I've made lately. He looks and talks to me like I'm the dumbest piece of shit he's ever met. I'm not sure what's going on but he never talked to me like that before. When I ask him what's going on in his life he would be vague and end the conversation.

I know my coworkers talk behind my back. He use to tell me what they said and never jumped in but now he probably does. He tries to hurt me but he doesn't know the whole situation.

Like one time I started my shift. Another person was suppose to come in at 9. They ended up calling out. I didn't know so it was only Kayden running the entire store. When I came in at 10 I was shocked because the line was out the door, the phones were off the hook, and our order just arrived. I can't remember what was said but I don't remember being rude. When we were trying to catch up he said, “You don't care? How are you going to pay your bills? You should be thankful for this job.” Something along those lines but little did he know I was already working over time.

The latest encounter was I told him I had transferred to another store. (More drama I won't get into.) I was happy about it. On our way out to leave for the day he looked on thr calendar is like, “Oh you're next shift isn't until next Saturday.” He was smiling and happy that I wasn't scheduled Monday-Friday. I didn't tell him I was working elsewhere Monday- Friday.

I feel I can relate to you. There's so many stories I have to share about work too!😳

I'll be back to tell the story! 😄

To whoever is reading this, I'm listening to “tequila” by Dan + Shay if you want to get the same atmosphere I'm writing from.

A few days ago I posted about how my town's water has been contaminated. Well, I dug more into it. Apparently our town is suing the fire department for contaminating the water system since the chemical is not able to be filtered by normal ways of filtering water. Also this chemical can cause cancer. By this point it's not surprising to me that it can cause cancer. Almost everything in excess can cause cancer.

The important thing is I wanted to share my thoughts on this topic. I believe the government is trying to raise their water sales and control us. Majority of the people who finds out about it are automatically going to buy water. Slowly I feel we're going to be the next Flint. If you're not aware Flint, Michigan still don't have clean water.

Remember when fluoride was first introduced in our water, next our water became a fire hazard, then all of a sudden people were getting different color water out of their tap..

Did you know it's illegal to collect rain water from your own yard?! I'm just saying. The government is not looking out for our best interest. All they want is to push the new world order and keep us under their thumb. Wanna know who else wants that? His name is Satan.

I'm going to keep drinking the “cancerous” water anyway because I think it's an excuse to make us think there's something in it when there's not. Maybe it'll be my way out of this rotten world.

My shift is about to start but before I go I wanted to share my town's water has been contaminated. I can't remember for how long but it feels like a while now. They say that there's a chemical in our water that can cause cancer...

For a while, probably since the beginning, I didn't know it was contaminated so I drank a lot of it. There's so much I want to say but not enough time. I definitely feel we're going to be the next Flint.

Be careful of what you're eating and drinking!

I used to love watching her videos. For a long time I felt we shared similar obstacles. I'm not a hater I just don't like what she stands for.

What I have a problem with is lately she's been promoting products we know doesn't work. If you're an active viewer on instagram you'll notice people of higher status are pushing these appetite supressant lollipops by a company that makes detox teas. Trisha also promotes that too. I don't mind if you promote something that works and you love. If you know who Trisha is you'll know what I'm taking about.

She has never had a flat tummy. Her body are all under the knife procedures. How are you going to come on instagram and youtube promoting diet products when you dress yourself with your bed sheets?? I don't mean to be an ass but it's the truth!

DO NOT BUY THESE FALSE CLAIMING LOLLIPOPS. I don't need to try them myself to know it doesn't work. Doctors and pharmacists never recommend any of those weight loss products you can get over the counter. They all recommend exercise and eating healthy.

If she really wants to lose weight she would have to put effort into other things rather than her mukbangs. I'm not sure why mukbangs are a thing other than giving us an excuse to become gluttonous pigs.

As much as I'd love to say that this is a distraction and somewhere something has happened, I heard the video and it's Yanny. Earlier this morning the hosts on the radio were talking about it and I hear Yanny. What are your thoughts about this?

Post your opinion! 😝

This morning I was working with my friend Cathy and Sam. Sam is in charge. Something was wrong with our system and it started to mess our other features up. We've been getting calls and it's been off the hook for the past couple days.

Cathy and I took turns getting the phone. I kept telling people their orders would be done in 15 to 20 minutes. Sam is getting upset because he feels he needs more time so he told me to let the customers know it'll be ready later than that.

I helped the next customer and I told Cathy, “I almost told them their order is ready in 15-20 minutes.” She says, “Sam is gonna burn ya foolio.” I told her, “I'll call him foolio through the grave!” Foolio is a funny word to me and maybe you have to be there to think it's funny. Idk I figured if this story could make you laugh it was worth sharing lol.

Things I'm Currently Interested In

1) 3% is a show on Netflix and it is so good! It's similar to Hunger Games in the way you have to try to survive while going through obstacles.

If you're bored and have nothing to do binge on these shows! Cheapest Weddings (on netflix), Married at First Sight (they have US and UK episodes), Extreme Cheapskates, Extreme Cheapskates Guide to Love, Age Gap Love (on netflix), World's Most Extraordinary Homes (on netflix), Full Metal Alchemist (on netflix).

I've tried watching Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and I don't like it. I know it's exactly how the manga is written but the other one seems much cooler to me.

2) I love buying cheap makeup. I'm not sure why. Colourpop is really good for the price, Jordana blushes are good quality, and same for Wet n Wild. Their white brushes with the pink bristles are amazing for the price!

I barely wear makeup now. Doesn't mean that I don't window shop on instagram though! Lol The only reason why I have instagram honestly is for the deals they post up with the discount codes.

3) Fake nails. Not that long ago I was wearing fake nails. I bought the acrylic nails from Sally's Beauty Supply, glue them, shape, and paint them all myself. For my birthday I asked my love to order me some nail products on this site called Born Pretty. Everything looks like it's from China and I don't mind. The price is really nice.

If you're looking for the mermaid looking chrome powders or holographic powders for cheap they have them!

I finally went shopping. For a little over a year I've been working really hard to save up including doing overtime when I can. Overtime isn't approved but you gotta do what you gotta do.


1) Mini vaseline: For so long I didn't want to get it because it's more expensive than if you get the full size. Retails for $2 but looks like it's worth 99 cents.

2) Sneaker slip ons: I hate wearing sneakers! I like how it looks but the laces drive me insane. No matter how many times I double knot them they are undone within minutes. Tucking the laces in was getting annoying. For work I'm on my feet all day so it gets irritating when you feel the laces.

3) Hummus and bagel chips: I've been trying to eat healthier and make it a habit. I never knew someone made bagel chips. It tastes exactly like pita chips except it's 100 something calories. Today I learned that I like hummus. I've had them before but wasn't sure if I liked it until now. The roasted garlic flavor bagel chips is really good.

Everything was from Walmart. Since that day my old friend brought me there I haven't been able to go anywhere else. CVS and Walgreens are too expensive including the coupons! I'll admit CVS has really nice displays and they have Korean skin care and makeup in select stores!

I haven't worn makeup in a while. I don't know how I was able to do it before. Wake up 30 minutes early to apply it then feel gross in the middle of the day from sweating.

From not wearing makeup I learned that I didn't need it. I felt prettier without it knowing that I don't have to hide my skin. Most days my face is even and not pink in certain spots. Don't get me wrong I completely understand if you need to even out your skin but we don't need to hide our skin.

Nowadays if I do wear makeup all I do is put some eye makeup, maybe some blush, some highlighter, and lip balm/lipstick. My goal right now is to get my skin looking like the Korean girls. The actresses/models over there always have a plump and radiant glow.

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