I read enough of your posts to know that life isn't fair BUT life reflects how you react to it! It's hard to always be in a positive space but it's worth trying. You don't have to be a 100% happy person all the time. 6 out of 7 days you should feel good. Death isn't always the answer or something to look forward to.

What helps me when I get into that suicidal mindset is thinking to myself, “If you died today, would you be ok with what you accomplished up to this point?” The answer for me is always no. Because I know I can do more for myself.

I have this app called “Delightful” that helps you appreciate and be grateful for the little things. You go in and write down 3 good things about today. That is it! It humbles me and I feel grateful after using the app. It's true what the other person said. Things can always be worse!