Chasing Red

If you haven't heard of this book it is amazing! I've only read the first couple chapters and I'm hooked. Originally this book is featured on Wattpad with 200 million reads.... 200....million!

It's literally a phenomenon. I'm not sure how it all happened but the book has literally been translated in 6 different languages. The girl who wrote a review that's printed on the book, Anna Todd, is a well known author within the wattpad community. Her story, “After” is actually coming out in theaters this coming April! I'm excited for both of them especially Chasing Red, which I hope the author gets a movie contract soon.

When I found this book at my local Barnes and Noble I was excited to get the last copy. One day I hope one of my stories will get the same recognition as this book.

Forgot to mention Chasing Red is romance book about this guy named Caleb falling in love with Veronica, AKA Red, after one encounter at a club. You can read it for free on wattpad or check out your local B&N to read it.