Ever since I had orientation for my program I've been a happy camper. You have no idea how long I've waited for this moment. I was waiting for a year already. I just want to thank the Universe I got into it because it's what I've wanted to apply for since I finished my prerequisites. That career interested me the moment my friend's mom suggested her daughter to go to school for it. I should have applied for it the first moment I finished my studies.

The year I was on that waiting list was a strange year for me. I became depressed to the point that nothing would cheer me up and I would stay in bed isolating myself all day. Then I had times where I imagined what my life would be like if I didn't get in since that was the only program I applied for in all the schools near me. All while my day job changed every single day. Never knowing when the next time I would get hours leaving me no choice but to work every chance I get. Also tortured myself by logging into facebook and watching all my classmates graduating, living their lives, getting engaged/married, and traveling. I've always felt behind in life but the day will come where I get a happy ending too! (: For some reason I feel I won't live that long to experience all of my dreams. Not sure why but I have a strong feeling that I will pass away shortly after graduating.

Anyway, during my orientation I already made some friends. Out of the people I became friends with I feel after the program I would only be friends with one of them. Who knows what could happen. Until then I'm giving everyone a chance. Speaking of friends it really sucks when you're going through a program by yourself. T, the friend I mentioned earlier, went to school with me for one year. She tried it and didn't want to go back. If you ask me the reason why she didn't succeed is because she always try to take the easy way out even when we were in high school.

It's safe to say that T and I are no longer friends. The moment she got a second job we started falling apart. She wasn't the only one working 2 jobs. The difference was that I made time. Not long after that we had dinner at some restaurant. Shortly after that every time I asked her if she wanted to hang out she would always say she's working. I know for a fact that I work more than her and I can still make time for people. Whatever. I'm not upset or bothered. She was never a great friend to begin with.

A lot really does happen in a year. Now that I think about it I've lost a handful of people. With every person who left my life a work opportunity arose and for that I'm grateful.