Found An Editor

It took a few days to find an editor. I've been looking on Fivver and the prices are ridiculous! It makes me wonder for other self published authors who they hire because the gigs I see on Fivver doesn't really help. If you're writing a young adult novel it's usually about 200-300 pages or more. The gigs on Fivver are literally, “$150 editing/proofreading 10,000 words” Then I try to contact some people I wouldn't get a response at all and I'm not sure why. My book isn't even that long.

My book is an erotica/romance with almost 30,000 words which equates to 87 pages using normal font style and size. I'm in the process of working with an editor right now and the service was almost $160. I've always dreamed of becoming an author so to me that's a small price to pay. I'm definitely going to try to format the book myself. Also my cover is being worked on. I'm very excited to see everything coming together! I think I would cry the day I have the physical copy of my book in my hand.

Until then it's a dream in progress. If you'd like to read my story here's the link:

The story is “My Roommate”