Hitting almost 7K reads on Wattpad

I'm so excited to share something I've learned about Wattpad. I use to think I was a horrible writer because I saw a plethera of stories on the website with spelling errors, improper grammar, and run-on sentences. It's what you'd expect from a teenager. The site users range from all ages.

I learned that my issue wasn't my writing, it was about the exposure! There is a writing community within wattpad but you'd have to start interacting with people. Forget the Read 4 reads unless you're starting out and English isn't your first language. The real key is the Vote 4 votes and Follow 4 follows.

The more people vote on your stories the easier the exposure. When you follow someone and they follow back, their followers see which story they voted/commented on. Then your story gets in the recommended list. How I got more people to read is by having a large amount of votes on one of my stories consistantly. I've had the story since January but wasn't actively writing until now. I went from under 100 reads to about 7k reads within a matter of a few days!

What helps you is by commenting on people's profiles thanking them for the vote, follow, or reads. Your comment will be seen by everyone on their profile.