How I Found Jesus

I wanted to share my stories because I want more people to know God. There's many people who claim they already know God just because they read the bible once yet continue to be a soul connected to the world. I have a dark past that I won't get into right now.

My family is buddhist. My Dad only believes in a higher power when he's in deep trouble. My Mom believed a woman who calls herself a Living God. My grandma on my dad's side actually has an altar and prays to Buddha. I grew up not knowing who to believe and for a long time I dabbled into different religions. That fake idol is actually a cult and I joined it not knowing much. I was in elementary/middle school when I joined the cult.

Before that I remember I was still in elementary school. After doing all my homework with nothing to do I would watch tv and I stumbled across a Christian tv program that had cartoons. I watched it until the program start replaying something I've already seen. Just from that I learned so much about Jesus Christ. He revealed himself to me and continued to for years. I would watch the Christian channel everyday. A few days after I remember my Dad brought home a key that had Jesus on it. Someone gave it to him. He didn't tell me much about Jesus but he didn't believe and he ended up giving the key back.

I learned more about Jesus when I asked my grandma on my mom's side. She started to tell me a lot about Jesus but I was still too young to understand. Thinking about it now I know that Jesus was looking out for me whenever I was in trouble and I am forever thankful and grateful. I guess I accepted him into my life not long ago.

I will write about my past at some point just not right now.