# How To Determine If You've Been Targeted (spiritually)

I had first hand experience because my own mom keeps targeting me time and time again. Less now that I cut her out of my life and follow Jesus.

1) You have nightmares: I dream a lot and if I start seeing demons I know that someone has targeted me. Sometimes you could have series of nightmares that last for days.

2) Paranoia: You know that feeling when you're alone yet you feel someone is there? Well there is. A negative entity is watching you.

3) Series of negative events: You notice a lot of strife in your life. Sometimes it gets to the point you're like, “Why is this happening to me? Something doesn't feel right.” It's because it's not suppose to happen to you. It's forced.

4) Always feeling scared: The devil and negative entities feed on fear. The minute you are scared they will jump right on it.

5) Feeling Crazy: Depending on how deep you're in the spell or how much someone sacrificed to put a spell on you it can make you go crazy. If someone keeps repeating rituals on the same person too many times and the person falls for it each time it can make them go crazy to the point they probably will be possessed.

That's all I can think of right now. If I can remember any more signs I'll edit this post.