Men Can't Take A No

I wanted to share my recent encounter from OKCupid. I'm not bashing the site because it's the people who are on it that gives you the experience not the algorithm.

Anyway I made myself clear on my profile that I wasn't looking for friends with benefits, no relationship, no hook up, and ONLY wanted to hang out with people as FRIENDS. I ended up hanging out with someone that seemed cool. We went over what we wanted. The guy said he was looking for all the above if it worked out. I told him I only wanted to be friends and nothing more. He also told me his birthday was coming up.

Feeling like a friend would I got him a cake that said Happy birthday and got him chocolate strawberries for him and his family to enjoy. I specially told him that even though he made some moves on me and every time I said no. We had indian food, which was great, watched some AHS and chilled. He could tell I wasn't into anything physical like cuddling or place his hand on me. It was nice he asked if he could before doing so.

The show goes on and we talk. He's confused by what I meant when I said I wanted to have fun on my profile. I explained giving examples such as hanging out, going to movies, eating dinner or something simple. Basically I wanted a friend's company and nothing more.

I thought he understood when I felt I explained myself clearly. Today he continues to text me asking me what I was looking for. Giving the same damn explanation as yesterday. Like why can't men take a no? This is why women feel harassed or concerned for their life because men can't take rejection without freaking out.

When a man rejects a women she doesn't bother him again unless she's insane. A lot of men continue reaching out pushing women after they have said no. Maybe in their mind men thinks if they keep asking enough times they will say yes. No means no.