Porter and Chester Institute Experience

For those who don't live on the east coast, Porter and Chester, Stone Academy and Lincoln Tech are all technical/vocational schools where you learn a trade and get certified. It's a good option for many people who want to get a job quickly in a field. The issue with these schools is that they have a bad review/rep/grade on the BBB website, the tuition is extremely high, and the reviews are either 1 or 5 stars with little to no comments.

My dental journey didn't work out for me so I decided to go back to PCI and enroll myself in the LPN program for the 2nd time. (I'll explain everything soon.)

The first time I enrolled myself for the same program I just graduated high school. Didn't have a credit/debit card, no job, and neither of my parents wanted to help me. The LPN program was $36k and that was why I didn't start when I did. Also community colleges at the time didn't have the LPN program.

The 2nd time around I filled out all this paperwork, was ready for my interview, but wasn't aware I had to pay a $25 fee for the badge. The person working with me literally told me, “Well that's too bad. You would have been a great candidate.” Not those exact words but along those lines. So far I had to make 2 or 3 visits before orientation. Every time I stepped into the building I have to pay a fee and it's kind of annoying feeling like they're hunting you down. I'm not surprised that it's happening for a “for profit” school.

Orientation continues and the professors explain everything especially attendance. The reason why they're strict on attendance is because you have to meet a certain amount of hours to sit for your board exam. You have 2,520 minutes class time ans 2,520 minutes for clinicals. Any clinical times you miss you are at risk to not be able to sit for your boards. Any class time missed you risk not graduating and being asked to leave the program. It's completely understandable and reasonable. There's no time to make up anything. Whatever you miss, that's it.

The LPN program is 21 months at PCI and I chose the evening class. I was told by classmates that if you chose the morning class you graduate 5 months earlier but it's harder. When I was given the option to choose between the two I was told that it didn't matter. The program was still 21 months and tuition is the same. So I chose the evening class making it easier for me to work during the day.

Since the school is not BBB accredited it must be a scam right? Normally I would agree but no. The school and community colleges have different accreditations. Meaning if you go to a trade school you can't transfer into a bridge RN program because the level of the classes are not the same. You would have to start all over. Even though it's a trade school the important thing is if you can still sit and take the same board exam as other LPN programs. With PCI you can and they have a 100% NCLEX passing rate. (From what I've been told.)

With that being said you have the option of going to any community college or location for this program. Many places have this for 10 months and is $8k. A very good deal but it's hard. I chose PCI because they had all my information from the first time I enrolled. Total my tuition is $34,524 and you can take a loan out. With the loan you have 10 years to pay it back. That's something to keep in mind.

The reason why it's high is because the books, hw, tests/quizzes are all downloaded onto an ipad that you take everywhere with you.