Sick of the Nursing Community

Every time I look on the Indeed forum for nurses all I see are other nurses scaring and pushing potential LPN students away. I keep seeing “Go for your RN! LPN is being phased out!”

Let me address this, it's all about location! Depending on where you live there is a different demand for nurses. The LPNs that don't find jobs are either not looking, not passing the interviews, something is missing from their resume, or they are just not a good nurse!

LPNs are being phased out. I've heard that time and time again but slowly it will happen. Your boss isn't going to one day realize they don't need LPNs and be like, “You're all fired!” Being phased out means that it'll be harder for new LPNs to get a job BUT the LPNs that do have jobs now will remain unless they decide to leave. Which is then that their position may be gone completely and replaced by an RN.

If you're interested in being an LPN, don't rush into it. First go look to see how much they make in your area. Secondly, check to see what the job outlook is. Don't base it on how you FEEL. Look at the actual job postings.