Spread The Awareness!

Dental hygienists are the most under rated and overlooked medical professionals. Help the dental community by spreading tbe awareness to BAN THE CLINICAL BOARD EXAM!

For those who don't know, in dental school dental hygienists and dentists need to find tons of patients to work on. They need 2 kids with specific cases, adolescent, and adults. Searching for a patient doesn't end there! They need them for their radiology lab as well. Although it gives the student practice they need to find a patient for their clinical board exam.

What happens is a few dentists come and inspect your patient, if they match the case they're looking for then you can continue. If they don't you fail. If they don't show up you fail. There's many ways you can easily fail the board exam. Anyway, the dentists will assign you a quadrant to work on and you have 1 hour to clean that quadrant.

Why do we want it to be banned? Because the dental community and hairdressers are the only professions out there that have a live patient clinical board exam! Nurses have skills that they never need a live patient for. Such as inserting a catheter. I've heard many stories about how patients know nurses did something for the first time and it's not pleasant.

Help spread the word!