The Devil

Many people would say I am niave and I don't blame them. I know I am niave but the Lord teaches me neccessary things every day. The more I get to know my father in heaven the more I learned on my own that the devil isn't only a creature with horns and hooves.

The devil is a master at replicating anything and that's why people are deceived by him. This evil entity can be anyone and anything. I admit I have fallen into the devil's traps many times.

People need to be more aware. When there's confusion, people mocking the Lord, or temptations surrounds you it's a sign that the enemy is attacking you. When you have thoughts that knock your confidence or thoughts that put you down that's the enemy striking. You'll fall down the rabbit hole if you let those thoughts take over.

Since I am aware of the temptations I do my best to resist them. I pray and I literally tell the devil the same words Jesus said to him. “Get behind me Satan...” MATTHEW 4:10. When Satan tries to tempt the Lord and it doesn't work.

I know what it's like to be on the unholy end of the stick. The only reason I know is because my entire family are satan worshippers. My mom's side of the family actually do black magic rituals. I never have and never will. They try to hide it but people know. Trust me when you're under their spell it's difficult to get out of it. You have to have a strong mind. I've always been a rebellious spirit and I will show you how I got out.