My recovery

My depression has now largely subsided thanks to medication and time, but my cognition is shot and I lost my job and my flat (I now live with my parents). I had/have to relearn mostly everything, so I laid down 4 fundamentals and a plan.

4 fundamentals

The basics. Good hygiene, good nutrition, good sleep and rythm. Activities. Cognitive rehabilatation exercises (I do them on a website made by neurologists, happy neuron), reading books, reading comics, playing videogames, blogging and watching movies. Resocialization. Talking with friends and strangers helps a lot. Giving more importance to the truth. Psychosis is a break from reality and it could happen to me again, so I now pay a greater attention to what I find is the truth (much more than before the psychosis). I found that attention is linked to truth. It brings clarity. At one extreme you have pure clarity ; at the other extreme total psychosis.

My plan

I'm now unemployed and I wanna leave my parents home, but I need a job to find a flat. It can't be an intellectually challenging job. Then I'll search for a flat. Then I'll do a professionnal training (I'm changing careers). Then, when I'm ready (maybe in 5 years), I will leave my country.