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Index to my ill-advised pension transfer story

My story got too long for just one article. I am breaking it down into several articles. Each link details a different piece of the complex network that cooperated to take my money. [Aside: it seems the most read article listed below is 6. ]

There are more details to come – Blackmore Global; the ceding provider's part (Mercer); the receiving trustee's part (OPAL & ICML) and the Malta Financial Services Association (MFSA) part .... One thing has become clear – “client's best interest” – is a mantra that no one is really committed to, even in the regulated population; people say it but don't mean it.

  1. The whole story – if you want to read it all in one bite.

  2. How it all Began

  3. The Network of actors that played a part in my ill-advised Pension Transfer

  4. Nunn & McCreesh

  5. The Scam

  6. The Symphony Fund & £6000 to silence me

  7. Tort of Deceit & Pension Scams