I No Longer Care

I have removed all my posts detailing the harrowing experience I had in 2015/16 regarding the misappropriation of my pension by scammers – Aspinal Chase, run by Phillip Nunn and Patrick McCreesh and the Czech advisory firm Aktiva Wealth Management owned by David Vilka and John Fergusson, later renamed to Square Mile International Financial in June 2015 and then again to Michalska Holdings in Nov 2017.

No one really cares. The authorities don't care – FCA and Action Fraud, the latter replied they weren't going to investigate it.

My ceding pension provider doesn't care – Mercer – who are adamant I was never in a scam in the first place!

The perpetrators don't care – in fact laughed all the way to the bank.

Angie Brooks – pension-life.com – doesn't care either. Pay her £1500 – which I stupidly did, believing I was joining a class action group – and she will write factually inaccurate blogs, ranting and raving about anyone and everyone. It might serve to fuel the hatred her clientele have for the scammers that have taken their money but serves little else.

This is what I was “promised” Class Action Membership. There was no class action, no legal review of my case – just empty promises, blogs and false hopes.

Journalists don't care, they just want a story to keep their editors happy. You give them everything, for free and you never hear from them again – except for one, Jon Douglas, BBC You & Yours journalist – but now, I even regret helping him.

The Pensions Ombudsman doesn't care either. You spend hours writing a complaint, submit it and here we are, almost 12 months later and nothing. I am advised (as of July 2019) they haven't even appointed an adjudicator yet to examine the complaint! I shouldn't have bothered. Waste of time. If they ever get back to me, before I am pushing up daisies, I suspect they will side with Mercer who bizarrely argued I was never in a scam, it was all my own fault and it had nothing to do with them! Whatever.

“Duty of care” it seems, is simply a mantra, often chanted but never sincere.

No one cares.

So, I no longer care either. I am just going to fade into the background. Return to anonymity. Participate no longer in seeking justice – there is no justice because no one cares!!

Scammers will continue making money and victims will continue falling for the lies and facing financial ruin. That's how it goes, now and for ever. It's the human condition.