NOT Losing Ourselves While Finding Our True 'Self'

Lost more than ever, In our attempts to not feel lost ever.

There are trends and fads. And then there is the fabled road less traveled that nags.

Trends look cliched, yet enticing. The unconventional looks promising but frightening.

Torn between following the heart and the urge to belong. The mind plays games and stretches till it can prolong.

Overcome by a fear to be left alone. We end up in a crowd with all our hopes forlorn.

It’s either here or there, But the yawning gap between the ‘being’ and the ‘want to be’ becomes a nightmare.

We start associating with things and people to set ourselves free, Only to later realise that disassociating was the key.

If at all we strive to find out more of who we are, The superficialities and pretenses will be freed at the earliest hour.

The tussle between what to do and how to be will cease to exist, And the true self will persist.