Of the enigma around stories…

A story within a story, further laying seeds for the next.

The deeper you go, a new one springs from a master story, narrating the bygone times and tales.

Where the past eddies around us, and the present becomes distant.

Once a cliffhanger, now meticulously adds to the eventuality.

A nexus between the manifestations of our mind and the memories we have lived, each leaves us with a lesson — bitter or sweet.

Each revisit unravels an aspect that we never fathomed or inadvertently overlooked.

Do the stories create us or do we create them?

Do the stories live in us or we live in them?

Do the stories make mortals, immortal?

While we rummage through the stories in the quest of serendipitously finding something, it might as well be life’s just another way of ensnaring us in its labyrinths!