Unsouled While Ruminating the Meaning of Life

(Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash)

A rosy picture from the outside, But nothing more than a bed of thorns.

A few moments of happiness, Amidst a downpour of gloomy moments.

It lures you with irresistible temptations. Before you realise, it turns out to be just another bait.

Constantly living on tenterhooks in anticipation of what would unfold next, It amazes you with something least expected.

The moment you gain confidence and a sense of control, It thrashes your poise and brings you downwind to where you started.

This ultimate driving and a binding force called 'life', Inveigles us with guile. Traps us till the last breath, And laughs deceptively on our inability to understand the very purpose of being.

It dawns on me – The quest for life, the pursuit of happiness, the endeavor to find peace, Lead to nothing but to reasons for further dissatisfaction, dismay and sorrow.

Why we live our present in oblivion, despite of having full control of it, And delve into our past to make futile attempts of mending what was.

As I made a silent promise to myself, Of living in the very moment I smile on my ephemeral promise, Because the very next moment, I find myself brooding over the same rhetorical mystery which pushes me deeper into the cobweb.