Simple Workout That Works

What is the biggest explanation (read : excuse) for people hesitate to work out? Especially, a busy people.


We all think that we don't have enough time to take an exercise or work out. Why? Because we think it will take hours for a single exercise.

Guess what, working out doesn't have to be that long.

I recently create my own simple work out plan that take less than 5 minutes to finish it. Though it might not the most ideal plan as I am not a fitness expert. But it is enough to make me start working out.

Here are my workout plan that I had been done these past few days. Feel free to try it too or create your own. Whichever you choose, as long as it suffice to make you start, then do it.

Simple Workout Plan 1. Push Ups x 25 reps 2. Sit Ups x 25 reps 3. Squats x 25 reps

Pretty simple and doable isn't it?

My plan is to add more reps in each week. So, the tension is gradually increased. To help me with this, I use Madbarz apps. But of course, any apps will suffice.

Are you ready to workout?