Praxis? Fuck off.

Think I'm going to make a robot with a strong artificial intelligence component, a web connection, and a boxing glove attachment. It will identify people likely to use the word “praxis”, go to them, and wait until they use it, at which point it will deploy the boxing glove.

I'll fund this admittedly niche machine by making another that targets the word “utilize”.

Praxis is just a razzle-dazzle word, one that people pull out like a stage magician with a handkerchief, drawing your eye away from the reality that they have no argument... Or intimidating you into assuming that since they use bigger words than you, they must be smarter than you, must be better Marxists than you, until you turn your brain off and uncritically accept their nonsense.

Discussions of Marxism have to be democratic, in the sense that they have to be couched in ways that ordinary people, and not just some intellectual elite, can understand what's being said and what the differences of opinion are. A Marxist who won't write for people who didn't even get to finish high school isn't a genius; they're a fuck up at best and a con artist at worst.