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This is going to take some time/energy/effort. PSShub is currently built on a paid-for Website builder ( and as I build out v.3.0 of the service (or resource), I want to:

A) rebuild it from scratch

B) have it hosted on a page on Gitlab

C) make PSShub, itself, #FOSS (the free part is obvious, I don't charge to read a simple page :))

D) put an emphasis on the most secure alternatives to Google on PSShub, but the rest can/will be FOSS alternatives that seem to be “the best”.

Example: Instead of saying “don't use Google Drive, use DropBox”, I will say “don't use Google Drive use...pCloud” or something to that affect.

I am getting tips on all this on right now, and I will have more to say later

As for this moment, seems to have Firefox Focus or vice versa

More later!

Added some different options in the sections “Google Photos” and “Google Drive” alternatives with 500px for the former and OnionShare for the latter. Looks good but not a major update so I will not even point upgrade it. More coming very soon.

I wanted to get up and going in one spot for people to browse and send feedback before I figured out the long, slogging, conundrum of setting up a Linode server (or Nanode, as this is called). It may be easier than I think. idk. But, everything is now on as I want it to look but the whole thing will be/look/work better “under the hood” when it is all....under ONE hood! It's still on at the moment.

So go and check it out. Like working on this. Never going to put up ads or make any money from this. Just something I wanted to build/work on. :)


Currently being hosted at (until GoDaddy decides to work), and then the decimal upgrade of the site will be LIVE! This is exactly what the finished (v.2.2) product will look like but v.2.2 will be hosted on a Nanode server on I am really, Really, REALLY happy with the results and everything on there is as it should be. #satisfied

More updates will be coming soon as I mess with the Linux server, and this is just the beginning!

Made the slide over hover element in HTML/CSS which is completely different than the image slide over element I had originally planned to go with because this was a little easier + better looking. I also assembled the accordian (sp?) menu at the bottom and now it just needs to be added to. Everything looks good and I will continue to make progress tomorrow (as I don't wanna do too much in one day, and face burnout).

I will look at server type stuff tomorrow and see how I am going to set up the individual pages within the page. I would like to make this all one, continual page with just slide overs + images WITHIN those slide overs, but that will be looked at tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!

I am really glad I kept this blog during the first shot at re-doing (v.1.0) because now I know exactly where I left off in terms of it's redesign. I basically had a week of frustrations and decided to reevaluate and after that reevaluation I decided that it was time to continue the project. I am on at the moment with a “Nanode” for the start of PSShub (v.2.0) but I will upgrade if/when necessary. I am not ready to put the thing on there yet because there is a lot left to design. It is coming along, though.

Back at it!

I am creating an application on Acquia. It is a Website recommended by Drupal. Apparently this shit can be bone-easy and not as complex as hosting a server on Linode (even though I just paid $5 for a “Nanode” using Ubuntu 19.+)

I want this ish to be as simple as possible. I do not need complex, crazy, anything and everything features. So I am going with the hosting provider recommended by Drupal (Acquia) and not mess with Linode at the moment. We will see how this goes, and I have a 30-day free trial, and as long as it doesn't cost a fortune (yearly), then I can go with this solution.

I tried uploading the code (so far) which is simply HTML/CSS at the moment to and it crashed the site. Not carrd, but it crashed the site, itself. I went ahead and deleted the site and scratched hosting any of ths on straight away (I was just testing things out, anyway).

More updates later.

I was able to head over to w3schools and find a clever “hover over image for slide-in” animation in the HTML/CSS section, and then I was able to generate a Web-hosted image on Github by opening an “Issue” and then dragging/dropping the image from my Downloads folder into the body field of the “Issue” and then Saving said issue. That is a backwards trick to get images hosted on Github, I suppose. I wasn't gonna do Flickr or any shit like that, I know that. Haha. So, then I created the text I needed for the picture animation and saved each one (there are four(4)) in the Text editor (that's what it is called, Text) on the Chromebook.

I still have to put these things into a gallery, make them clickable links, etc. I need the server is what I need really, though. I am still paying for at least one month of Linode lat tomorrow night/early Friday morning, but until I get it – I am limited. Limited by slow Internet speeds, as well until that same time.

This is just a quick update. Took about 45 minutes to get that finished up earlier this afternoon.

More soon!

For the creation and implementation of PSShub v.2.0, I am going to have to split the project into three different sections (so I do not get overwhelmed). They are:

  • Design
  • server/hosting
  • content (where it is now, v.1.0) has all three of these elements covered. It is designed with the visual elements I want (from UnDraw), it is hosted (on (Pro)), and the content is there (I wrote it before it was even turned into a Website).

So since I have been working on the design element first (earlier this AM/late last night), I am going to focus on that first and foremost. I am going to need some sort of host/database/server here (that is where comes in) shortly, so I am going to go ahead and purchase the $5 p mo plan early Friday morning.

Another update:

I have the README written and uploaded to Github, I also have the first file (which is more or less a header (or just the top of the page)) created. The project (or repo? idk, I'm new) is set to “Private” until I have more shit sorted out.

That's it for now. More later.

I took a class with EdX one time, and it was titled CS50x and it was like “Intro To Computer Science” or some shit and it was distributed by Harvard and it was pretty cool. In this class, I was able to submit assignments through Github and they had you build a Pong game in Scratch2 (the building-block programming...program) the first week. I built that Pong game (& it is still saved to my GH) but even with all of that, I did not know how to create a repo, make a Master branch, or any of that. The walk-thru on the front page of Github now solves that problem by walking you through it and showing you how to Commit and see the “diffs” and do Pull Requests and all that good stuff. Thi is a very good thing considering I am about to embark on PSShub v.2.0 and am going to need such a place for the code. I am initially writing the code in the application called “Text” that is built into, or comes with, the Chromebook. I even wrote the README file for the project and have that baby saved :)

More to come later

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