The girl had taken shelter close to it as it was raining, and the wall collapsed, mashing her underneath. In my ward, the sewage and water lines growing mixed. But that which is outrageous is the lack with accountability – the BBMP had parcelled out the task of erecting a short extend of compound wall, to several contractors (so that each bidder gets an item of the pie? ) and disclaims responsibility (“It’s the contractor, not us” – although which contractor? How does your public identify the culprit? )

 For this, all I need 's your permission for road-cutting. So I’ve decided to lay a pipeline using my own ring money and donations from friends. Bad enough.

Although wrapped steel, wrapped ductile metal, copper and PE barrier water line with an aluminium barrier layer (PE-Al-PE) all provide an effective barrier to virtually all contaminants, a PE-Al-PE barrier pipe may be the only material tested to gives a safe barrier against all known contaminants including those of inorganic nature.

However, it is left for the contractor or developer to decide whether a site investigation is preferred, with a pipe selection made dependant on the findings of the record. It is therefore reasonable to expect all water companies will accept the usage of a barrier pipe in all situations as a blanket approach

The Cpvc Plastic Valve also shifts the blame on to the BWSSB which reportedly “shifted” a pipeline towards the side along the wall in order to facilitate “road widening”