I don’t have enough storage for all these memories…

Augmented reality will give us the power to record & replay any moment in our past exactly as we observed it

I’d strip for falafel

Galloping down a road to nowhere

It’s easy to love a body, but it’s hard to learn how to love a soul

The value of our writing is not self-evident

What if anyone could propose a legitimate business idea & get crowdfunded from anyone around the world? Crowdfunding could unlock trillions in economic value and spark a renaissance of entrepreneurship

A new vision for organizing society is desperately needed.

Society’s number one priority should be to protect every single life.

A future President with evil intentions would have a vast array of powers available to inflict great harm upon people both domestically & abroad. It is critical that we swiftly move to limit the power of federal & state governments so this dystopia never materializes

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