Planters were in The soil followed Then came seeds Tools all lined up

Seeds were planted The spade slit a finger Recovery prolonged The soil dried away

The compost was in Seeds sown, soil dampened The onset of sprouting And pests took over

The soil now replaced Pest control in place But them birds swooped in The garden had to be netted

Plants shot up to the knees It was worth all the wait Then there was the downpour The highest in 117 years!

Day two Amy watered the plants Stone of luck slipped hands Father locked the fridge

Day three The Step Sister arrived Cat starved for milk Amy shat on Step Sister's bed

Day five Father dropped the curtains Cat trampled over the plants Amy was stuck to the TV

Day eight Step Sister ran in frenzy Cat tripped off the porch Father painted the house white

Day eleven Amy went around for the Cat Father humped the Step Sister The Fridge was broke open

Day thirteen Amy bludgeoned the Father to death Step Sister vomited all the milk Cat was found in the basement

Day sixteen The dead occupied the Fridge Cat fed on the Step Sister The Stone in red was buffed

Day twenty-three The curtains were torn down Cat died of salmonella Amy relished the leftover milk

Day one The Cat starved all day long Amy woke up to the alarm The Fridge had a glass of milk

I collect rags I lay bricks I clean sewers I hawk flowers

I sow seeds I carry loads I change tires I juggle fire

I have a group But belong in none

Born into the herd A life overlooked upon

In a system snugly amnesic I'm a ghost that lives on

My death's a fleeting glimpse I’m an insignificant one


Sunken deep in thoughts Rumbling of wind in your ears Riding a lightning you are A passage of neon trails

Forget the lost cause Have no sense of fear Lighten up your heart Embrace it all in tears

The rain's pouring down Every drop feels like a bullet Night spins an eerie song But you're alone in the duet

Exhausted's your mind Braving the echoes of time A new dawn's on the line Return to the mix and chime

The dusk settles in Birds fly into the bright Wind caresses my skin Solace spurs me to write

I have a place to dwell Got some friends to meet Kindred who wish me well I earn enough for my needs

Love isn't for me to seek A family is a mirage of glee It is to cherish those around me The future is always unforeseen

Sail across the oceans Scale up those mountains Some good food and music to cue in A solitude worthy beyond the heavens

Lurking behind you Darker than black Yearning for a sigil Your scorned reflection

An inseparable wheel Beyond the kith and kin Impelled by selfish ardour Thrives on your triumph

A voice aberrant Whispers quietly You are the apogee And the rest is vermin

Succumb to the urge And bedeviled you are The sin transpires Sinister you've evolved

Delude yourself Bury the guilt Gloat over the feeble Embrace your sinister will

Winter is here Wind howls into my ears Days are all the same Nights are long and fierce

Sun's behind a veil Sombre makes you frail Death parades on the streets Verdure turns pale

World is shattered Through my broken glasses For those frozen in time The tomorrows never matter

Cold shreds through my skin Silence bears an evil grin Room's just a dreary glimpse A vacuum left by the estranged kin

Winter devoured my soul A malaise I can no longer hold Here I take the leap of faith An infinite tunnel of darkness awaits

A difference of seven years A distance I couldn't foresee Those silly squabbles apart My sister's still alien to me

In an endless pursuit she is To make our lives a breeze My mother let go of her dreams Those which I couldn't redeem

A sixty year old young lad Defying the world is my dad Vexed enough to dwell on the past I regret the scars will forever last

I'm the stranger son A useless one Disconnected from thee I'm but a burden

Fire burns the green Smoke rises in the air Atop the mountain we reached Sun was losing its flair

Under the crimson sky Our silhouettes clung together With them perky smiles We lazed around in the breezy weather

Hampi has been an unforgettable experience

For the Crocs that were stolen For the tons of bread we binged For the t-shirt that had us roaming At those midnight moves we cringed

Here I go, here I go Chasing the roads and signboards Mountain peaks and seashores Misty rivers and secret doors

Through the storm and the rain Beyond the loss and the pain Meeting new faces on the way I ride along the night and day

I look up at the sky and wonder where am I I neither had a plan nor a place on my mind As the wind crawls through my hair I realize I'm not gonna stop until the next sunrise

Here I go, here I go Into the wild and the woods Across the bridges and the brooks Losing myself to nature's muse A never-ending adventure is set loose