"Garbage!" Anaida muttered to herself as she deleted all the emails from Redfin and Zillow in her inbox. Mike and she were never going to be able to afford a house, never mind in the Bay area, so why did she torture herself with these notifications for listed houses five times a day? "Grot!" she said as she emptied another page's worth of emails. She liked doing this on her laptop, a kind of device she rarely touched outside of work. And she'd better be done with this before Melissa returned from lunch. She resented the withering look Melissa would give her if she caught her checking her personal email at work, while trying to quickly scan the contents of her inbox. "Immaculate!" Anaida muttered ten minutes later, a little too loudly. Inbox Zero had been achieved. Just in time, too - Melissa was coming around with that look that screamed "Pair Programming!'. Anaida took a deep breath and steeled herself for the upcoming assault. Just as she clicked the little X on the email window, a new email came in. The window disappeared before she could take in the subject, which seemed to have the words 'Cocktail' and 'Marriott' in it. She so badly wanted to press 'Ctrl-Shift-T' to reopen the closed window, but there Melissa was, pulling her chair up a little too close to Anaida, and taking control of her keyboard. Her long blonde hair was already in Anaida's face, triggering her skin sensitivity. The next three hours would be focused on not pulling her hair out as Melissa would use spaces instead of tabs, ignore PEP-8 conventions, and she would pray her nose soon went blind to the smell of cheese and bologna. There had better be cocktails at the Marriott at the end of this.