Sweet Surrender – English Version

The way Billkin could not stop to find the hidden paradise on a stormy night with Krit.

I just wanna love you tonight. I just wanna be with you, my love. All I wanna do is to be by your side. I just wanna love you tonight.

As the thunder rumbled, I eyed him for a long moment, searching for the dark-brown orbs. It never fails to mesmerized me, always sent a spark to fly whenever he smiles.

Our kiss was the hungry one. Craving for each other's taste as my tongue plunged between his lips, tasted him. There were a hint of cherry lip balm and mint mouthwash, simple yet familiar. My burning hands drove into his lush raven hair, grabbed handfuls of it and crushed his mouth as my strong fingers slid into the hair and pulled his mouth down against pouty lips.

The look on his face was unhindered as I had ever seen. Naked, and not a small bit desperate. The sanity was long gone as my ample lips trailed to explore every curve of his body. I could smell his favourite cologne, a bucket of white freesia, and something sensuously deep like the autumn breeze. I knew I was home, to a man I had known for seven years.

Not only that, but I needed his limber body against mine, needed to make a delicious friction between our body. There was no room for us to breathe as we kept the fire ablaze, simply melting our body against each other. The desire to touch, to be touched, to take and give, nearly overwhelmed me.

I surrendered as the hunger surged inside. I was willing to be taken inside the Pandora box.

It had been so long since we felt each other. So long since we wanted to be. It felt as if we couldn’t get close enough. The touch of my hands so warm on his bare skin. The way his milky white skin turned into crimson –how I love to burned them with my marks. He was my new fixation.

I trailed a lazy finger down around his sternum, around his effeminately slender waist, over the smooth skin of his rounded cheeks. I could hear his heart pounded nearly as hard as the rain on the tin roof above us.

My mouth moved beneath his, nibbled, sucked. He groaned as his white-velvety skin heated at my touch.

My fingers are now sliding down between the crack. He twitched. His hips lifted as I slide my finger inside his burning hole. He cried out on a half of pleasure as I kept touching the delicate-aching flesh between his thighs and adding the digits inside. I could not stop my movement, trying to send a burst of heat straight to his core.

It was a luscious torment.

It was a bliss.

He cried in astonishment, in gratitude at being touched in the right place.

He found his little paradise in a queen size bed on a stormy midnight.

Nobody knows, or cares, only two entitled heroes fought against the desire to touch, be touched, to take and give behind the closed doors in the darkness.

The way we make love, it is a never-ending addiction for me.

Writer's Notes:

Written for BKPP Universe Fest and based on Prompt Obession.

Dedicated this piece to Uncle Whale, Yuri who never fails to amaze me with her writings. You deserve a standing ovation for that, sis!! Thank you for inspiring me to write in English. If it wasn't you, I would not take a start to write again. It is such a blessing to know both of you and amen to the more inspiration and adventurous journey ahead.

Anyway, sejujurnya ini adalah tulisan rated perdanaku dalam Bahasa Inggris. Dan akan terlihat bohong sekali jika aku mengatakan menulis ini gampang. Tidak! Aku terinspirasi dan belajar dari sini untuk menulis 600 kata yang menurutku aneh ini. Jadi, aku memohon maaf sebesar-besarnya jika ada kesamaan dalam bahasa, style penulisan, grammar, atau pun tanda baca.

chanstergram, 28 February 2021.