MagicLunarPunk: What is lunarpunk?

Lunarpunk is associated with philosophy and religion and by extension art, music, plays, self care, astronomy, literature, etc. But what we tend to forget is that its also tradition, culture, history, lineages, mythologies, and languages. Its about preservation, creation, and exploration. Lunarpunk activities today could take a variety of paths… Learning about our cultures and traditions, cooking traditional meals, reviving dying languages, ethnobotany and biodiversity preservation, learning about and creating our own spiritual practices, volunteering online to discover new stars, hosting a star gazing meetup, volunteering at libraries or museums, learning an instrument or teaching someone one, hosting or forming philosophy schools, and learning how to find the truth or at least a closer version of it through analysis, lunarpunks break down barriers to inclusion, call for accessibility, and unveil a deeper way of thinking and living. Actions for living a more Lunarpunk life:

*If anyone has more ideas please share them!

Here’s some more ideas if anyone is interested.