Reading and Life

I've been trying to read more. Every now and then throughout my life I go through phases where I love reading and it's all I do, but eventually desire tends to fade away after finishing a really good book and I can't quite get my life back together. My favorite author is Kurt Vonnegut. I've read most of his collection more times than any other book except or maybe the Harry Potter series. I love the classics like Slaughterhouse-Five and 'Breakfast of Champions,' my personal favorite though is 'Mother Night' about Howard W. Campbell Jr, the American spy working undercover as a Nazi agent in Germany during WWII. He is deemed a war criminal and one of the most dangerous Nazis of all time even though technically he was fighting for America. The moral of the story being: you end up being remembered for who you pretend to be. Every time I read it I feel like it fits directly into the social issues we're dealing with at the time. I've read this book many many times over many many years but no matter what it always seems to fit with what's going on in the world. And I've recently been rereading 'Mother Night' again. And once again it really connected with what's going on in the world at the moment. I thought about it a little bit last night as I was laying in bed and I think I have a decent understanding as to why that book always hits me the way it does. I believe it is the way Vonnegut is able to paint a conversation between humans the way it really is without all of the niceties and other BS. He shows us that throughout history all humans tend to disagree that their idea of kindness is the same because they look different. He shows us that everyone has kindness and mixed with that kindness is mostly craziness and boredom and loneliness. And at the end of the day every single person on Earth contributes to the love and the hatred that everybody feels. Vonnegut is able to remind us that loneliness is in everyone, happiness is short-lived, and bad news always just around the corner. But he also teaches us not to fear any of that because that's just the way life is. Some might have it worse than others but everyone has good days and bad days... So it goes.

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