Five Ways Men's Fashion Has Changed As the world's population continues to grow, men are also changing their fashion styles. What Margaret Mead might have considered a revolution in clothing today, men's fashion is rooted in global similarities. To know more about men's fashion, you can check out men's fashion blogs on the No Clout website.  The first step in changing men's fashion is a shift in attitude. Women have long believed that men dress more for comfort and practicality than for style. Most men choose outfits and jackets that will last them for years. Instead of focusing on style, they put their interests and hobbies into their wardrobe. This means that they'll be more likely to purchase more functional items that are practical and comfortable. This trend is becoming more popular among men. As men's fashion changed during the 1970s, the trend toward excess began. Preppy-casual, a style rooted in the hippie rebel years, reshaped men's fashion. Bell bottom jeans and tie-dye shirts became popular, as did military-supply clothes and handmade accessories. Eventually, men's fashion began to revert to simpler styles. But this trend did not last. Throughout the last century, men's fashion has become more diversified and individualistic. Men have tended to follow trends and adapt to changing times more than women, and their styles have been influenced by the men's fashion trends of the past decades. This evolution has influenced the appearance of both genders and has made it more comfortable for both. So, if you want to dress more stylishly and feel confident, it's crucial that you know what's on-trend! The 1970s saw the emergence of the leisure suit, which was often associated with disco. The leisure suit generally consisted of a poly-blend blazer with pockets that weren't necessary, a pair of matching pants, and a loud button-down shirt, preferably in Qiana with an oversized point collar. This look was considered cool and a great change from the standard suit. After the war, American men began to stray from the fine dress tradition that had emerged in the thirties. The changes in the workplace and the rise of mass production made custom tailoring more expensive. Mass-produced menswear was introduced to the United States. With this, men began to abandon the traditional formality of their clothing and opted for a more casual, everyday style. And the trend spread to Europe and other parts of the world. As a man, you should take care of your grooming routine. A healthy grooming routine is an investment in yourself. A man should not spend more money than he can afford. Purchasing quality clothing is a great investment and will keep him looking fresh for years. Just don't spend more than you can afford. You will never regret it. The last thing that a man needs is a wardrobe full of clothes that aren't functional.