Like a Phoenix

This blog is rising from the dead – yet again. I have blogged and not blogged. Stop and go for many many years. I have tried many different platforms:

  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • Typepad
  • Posthaven
  • Micro.blog

to name a few. Many of the platform names I can’t remember anymore. And this doesn’t include “social media blogging” like Facebook, instagram, Twitter, etc…

Consistently Inconsistent

There have been two things constant in my blogging journey.

One, I like to do it. I keep coming back to blogging. Don’t know why, but I do.

Two, I suck at it. I have tried long form blogging, micro blogging, interactive blogging, photo blogging, … you name I just am never sure where I am going with it. I get disenchanted and move on. I start with a catapult launch, then flame out as soon as I clear the deck. Crash and Burn, Mav… crash and burn.

And Now For Something Completely Different

So what will I do differently this time? What will change?

Well, I think me. I have been blogging for all the wrong reasons: to build an audience, to get follows, to interact with people, whatever. It’s always been for other reasons besides the real reason I want to do it. For me. Now I am pulling my own Ricky Bobby and blogging only because I want to. I am going to post whatever the f**k I want (pardon the profanity – not a big fan of it in persuasive writing). I will interact with anyone I feel like (or no one) and won’t feel pressure to do so.

This is me. And if you don’t like it, don’t read it. Period. I, me personally, want to keep a record of what I am doing when the mood strikes me. I do have things to say now and then, and I am going to say them.

A New Blogging “Platform”

Surprise, surprise. I am starting this new journey on a new platform. And it is about as simple of a platform as can be – there is no platform. You post a bunch of text or related files and it makes a blog from them. No prep other than the files; no configuring, nothing. Simply write and post. And you always have a backup because they are your files on your system.


Enter Write.as

The new system is called “Write.as”. I know, not a great name, but I would rather it work for me than have a good name. The other one I tried very briefly was “Blot.im” – that is an even worse name. Write.as is kind of under the radar, which I like, but it is also a one man shop apparently, which I don’t like. Risky. But so it goes. There does appear to be an active and growing community – so that is good. I will have a back up of whatever I post anyway and can do something different if this doesn’t work.

A New Writing Platform Too!

While I am trying out new platforms, I might as well switch up my writing platform too. Recently, I make the commitment to switch from Mac to Linux (much more on this later). And although I am happy with the switch and will not be leaving Linux anytime soon, I have to keep using my Mac at work and will be continuing to use my iPhone too. So no matter what, my ties to the Apple ecosystem remain.

It’s been tough to find a decent cross platform or Dropbox-based text editor and writing app. I was using Editorial – which is great – but it has not been updated in a while and is developed by a one man shot who has lost interest. I have watched this movie before, and it doesn’t end well for me. I also use Drafts, but there is no Dropbox integration. It’s iCloud only.

Enter 1Writer

I am switching from Editorial and Drafts on iOS to 1Writer. Another dumb name. This post should be titled the “Dumb Name Restart,” not Blog Restart. Anyway, I am not sure why it’s named this, but there must be a reason .. there must be. Regardless, it works great so far. Works well with Dropbox. Good and easy to use Markdown shortcuts. Can easily type on my iPad and it’s not useless on my iPhone. There is no Linux app, but Dropbox is supported well, and through Dropbox, I can move documents from to and from my Linux or Mac systems and files.

A New Day

Here is to new beginnings. One thing I have learned in my advancing age: the sun rises every day and with it comes the change to start anew. Today is that day. A new day. Time to settle down and just be me.

Love and Be Loved.