Reel Out Deep

Read Here, We Go There

Helping dialogue to solve problems in society, the economy and government. We can have a much better world to live in. Many great things and yet so much wasted potential.

Reel Out Deep serves as a starting point on BIG PICTURE ISSUES with the intent of THROWING OUT IDEAS that can help SOLVE and IMPROVE our economy, society and government. Wanting more people to thrive. And more people FREE to thrive.

Reel Out Deep is not right. It is not left. It is not capitalist. It is not socialist. We are casting out beyond all of that. We confront difficult topics head-on. We challenge you, challenge ourselves and hope that we can talk TO EACH OTHER in deeper ways to build mutual understanding and bridge divides. There is a lot of value to be found within some extreme ideas.

Reel Out Deep does not profess to be saying the right thing or have the best idea. We strive to. But the larger point is just to serve as a starting point for a discussion. If we are wrong, or if you don’t like what you are reading, maybe your brain runs and triggers WITHIN YOU an even better idea. THAT is Reel Out Deep. Not looking for credit. Definitely not politically correct. Just taking on the issues.

Read here. We go there.

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