DIY indoor bike for Peloton Digital

I'm not particularly motivated by leaderboards, so I cobbled together my own setup for Peloton Digital's cycling classes. I should be able to use the same setup for Apple Fitness+ when that arrives, although I'm not entirely sure I'll switch over when it's released. It is a wee bit cheaper ($10 vs $13), but having a friend on Peloton is more motivating than anything.

Already had: $1200

Purchased: $650

All these link to their original product pages (not Amazon).

* You can use it for free, but it's supported by ads. $10 seems like a decent price when the alternative is buying a whole HR monitoring device.

DIY upfront cost: $1850 Peloton Bike upfront cost: $1895

DIY recurring cost: $13/month Peloton Bike recurring cost: $39/month

I've now taken two classes, and I'm hoping to get some hand weights for either my birthday or Christmas to join in on that aspect which seems popular in a lot of the classes.

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