Today was Mabon, the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere. I was hoping to make some bird feeders, but that plan fell through, so I think I'll do it tomorrow instead. Mabon is meant to be about letting go of things you no longer need and making sacrifices. I can't say I did the latter, but I did donate a whole trunk full of tents, coats, sleeping bags, and other winter gear to a coat drive. That felt like a festive way to celebrate. I also had a video chat with some other witch friends, and even though we didn't do much craft talk, it was nice to connect with them.

This is my third week of lifting in a row, and I am really starting to see muscle definition! My upper body especially looks absolutely strong and radical, and I've noticed a difference in things I'm doing around the house being easier in general. Maybe one day, I'll even be able to do a real live push-up and pull-up. ;)

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