The days are getting cooler, although today was pretty warm when we went running during lunch. Coffeneuring season is a go, so I've been doing plenty of cycling outdoors. More than I've done since the beginning of quarantine. It's been nice to get out, get hot drinks, and see friends (form a safe distance). I have another ride planned this weekend, and I've already done two of the rides, which leaves just four outside of those.

So, planning very roughly here, I should be able to do one per weekend, sans the weekend I'm flying out for a wedding. (I know, I know. We'll be staying away from other people for two weeks after getting back and taking all the precautions along the way and while we're there.)

I plan to write something up once I've done all seven (or so) of my coffeeneuring rides.


#cycling #coffeeneuring #100DaysToOffload