How to use ReiBoot on Android & iOS?

This is about a well-known ReiBoot application available for Android and iOS. As we know, it is the most excellent utility to recover smart devices in whatever weighty incident. There is no doubt about its design and the performance that developer Tenoshare established. However, ReiBoot download got two key options for its two compatible options to start the ball rolling on both Mac OSX and Windows. Whenever there is a software-related issue that cannot solve out using device options, you should go through a third-party tool like Reiboot no matter whether it is Smartphone or iPhone. There are a couple of options you can pick up in line with your requirements.

Use ReiBoot –

Uses and features of ReiBoot

Even you need to go through ReiBoot for Android or iOS, there are free or a payable package calls ReiBoot Pro. As usually, the paid application got more facilities than ReiBoot free download. But it is up to the user to decide which is the best that supports them to bring back their devices in normal status? So you better find out if the option that you should perform with the free or paid package. As an iPhone, iPod or iPad user, you can enter or exit recovery mode, resolve stuck on logo, fix frozen/disabled or black screen, errors with iTunes restore/update, boot loop issues, factory restore and more. If it is an Android, there is a long list of features such as enter/exit recovery and fastboot mode, stuck in download mode/phone logo, boot loop issues, upgrade or downgrade troubles, when phone does not turn on properly, failed Over The Air updates, when the device seems to be in freeze mode and so on.

However, both ReiBoot for Android and iOS recommended Windows XP or later and Mac OSX 10.14 or previous to compile to establish the application. While ReiBoot welcomes almost all iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad models, there is a long list of compatible Android phone and tablet models as well like LG, Samsung, HTC, Google, Sony, and Huawei.

How to use ReiBoot on Android?

Though there are a couple of methods that you should go through, in this chapter, we will uncover how to repair the Android system using download ReiBoot.

Check the latest version of Android –

Compile a workable Windows computer as ReiBoot for Android comes as Windows-only software And there should be a properly connectable phone cable Download ReiBoot latest version on your PC and install it You will see the list of various options. So click and pick up the option “Repair Now” In the next step, you have to select the device brand, series, model, country and carrier And then download the ROM Click “Repair Now” When the “Tips” window will open, read each and click “Continue” Remain until “The repair process is completed” notification will display on the UI

How to use ReiBoot on iOS?

This is how to repair the iOS system using ReiBoot for iOS. This package can download on Mac OSX and Windows. And there should be a USB or lightning cable to connect the device to the computer.

Download the latest version of ReiBoot for iOS and install to the computer Click “Start Repair” And then download the respective firmware package Those who already have the firmware kit on their machine can browse it here Click “Start Repair” button to commence the operation Keep the device on the table and remain for the result for a couple of minutes The UI will display “The repair process is completed”

Wrapping up

Lose or remain with a broken smart handset is terrible for it is your companion that supports you in every circumstance. Therefore, it is really great and thankful when you have a supportive application like ReiBoot that perfectly supports users to draw the broken device back to its normal performance. And the best thing is developer Tenoshare offered two separate options for both Android and iOS.