Under the Bridge

Two songs from Wild Children's album Under the Bridge.


词 尹丽川 曲 张玮玮

山岗的旧石板上长满了杂草 空荡荡的石头房子里坐着一个青年 他自己唱歌自己走路 和两只温柔的黄狗说话 偶尔有朋友从远方来 带来了烟和酒 喝完了 他们就下山了

Stone House

lyrics by Yin Lichuan score by Zhang Weiwei

Weeds have covered the old stone tab on top of the hill A young man sits inside the empty stone house He sings his own song and walks alone He talks to his two gentle yellow dogs Once in a while, some friends come visit from far away Bringing drinks and smoke After they empty the bottles, they'd go down the hill


词 曲 张佺

山下有松鼠爬上了枝头,那是谁家的树林 城外有野鸭漫步在水面,那是谁家的池塘

喔 ... 喔,燕子和恋人总要有地方停留 喔 ... 喔,山雀和少年还要去那里歌唱

路旁有阿叔汗水在流淌,那是谁家的稻田 河边有野花随风在摇晃,那是谁家的草场

喔 ... 喔,蝴蝶和孩子不能没地方玩耍 喔 ... 喔,庄稼和希望都要在这里生长

Don't Take It Away

lyrics & score by Zhang Quan

At the foot of the hill a squirrel climbs up the branches – who do the woods belong to? Outside the city a dozen ducks wander on the water – who does the pond belong to?

Woo ... oh, the swallows and the lovers still need somewhere to linger Woo ... oh, where can the sparrows and the young people go and sing their songs

Across the road Uncle is soaked in sweat – who does the wheat field belong to? By the river wild flowers sway in the breeze – who does the grassland belong to?

Woo ... oh, the butterflies and the children can't lose their playground Woo ... oh, here is where we grow our crops and grow our hope