Ron Weasley, “They’re upto something, I tell you its the smile. Seeing that Malfoy smile blissfully chills my very bones. And he’s been quiet for too long. He’s upto something.”

Hermione, “Oh come on, you’re overreacting. I think he’s changing, for the last 3 years he’s been quiet, I even once saw him gardening and he actually flustered and ran away. It was kinda cute.”


above is a picture of an introvert reaching out to a stranger

Why am I Blogging?

Hi, I am Rid and welcome to our blog. Our being me & my lovely wifey — Evie.

I want to talk about why I am writing publicly, I never wanted to be a Blogger. Honestly, I’m a hardcore introvert, and my idea of good day consists of a long walk, a swim, going to work — and not being in crowded spaces.

So why blog?